Please leave a note to help us remember this special time in our lives. Thanks for celebrating with us!


Jared and I are already making plans to fly from California! Can’t wait to celebrate your big day with you two ❤️❤️


I am so proud of both of you. I love you brother and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two. Congratulations 💕💕


I'm so so so happy for you guys 😁!!! I can't for this day!! It's going to be so awesome! 😭 Praying that God will continue to bless you and keep you both. Best wishes!!


Excitement is an understatement!! I am sooo happy for you both! ❤️


Congratulations guys! Can’t wait for the big day! 💕💃🏾

Monique Euell

I am soo absolutely thrilled to be a part of celebrating this beautiful union!💕💕 #BrideTribe


I am soooo happy that my cousin is marrying the one person that makes her heart smile! It is sooooo awesomeeeee to see how complete you are now that you’ve found your soul mate.May you both be blessed for the rest of your lives!Love you guys!! Jan 2020 can’t come soon enough!!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽#everafteralvernaz#excitedbridesmaid#

Gabriel Spencer

My heart is so full when I think of how God has and will continually bless your union. May you be a force to be reckoned with not only medically in the care and advocation of your patients, but also for each other as husband and wife. Love you both


Can’t wait to see you guys tie the knot 😊😊😊


omg guyssssss I'm so excited!!!!!! Jan 2020 I can't wait!